Personal Care

What is personal care?

Personal Care - Helping a client get dressed
Helping get dressed

Personal care refers to assisting the client with any care while in a physical contact with the Caregiver that is personal or private in nature. This can include assisting with personal hygiene like washing, bathing, dressing and oral care to support good health.

We encourage and support every client to conduct they own self-care as much as possible, but not to worry if unable to as our staff are trained to be discreet and offer the maximum privacy within the constraints of needing to be assisted. They take their time to help make sure that they build a good relationship with the client for a more personal experience.

Why choose MiraCares?

Different people have different care needs; we will tailor our personal care service to your specific requirements and will adapt to meet your individual needs in a way that is most comfortable for you. Our professionally trained caregivers pride themselves in being discreet and professional. And with Mira Cares, we believe in the importance of keeping continuity and endeavours to allocate the same friendly familiar faces. Call us to find out how we can support you or your loved one.

What personal care task can we offer?

We can support you or your loved one with personal care that involves with any of the following:

What services are included in personal care?

Our caregiver will visit your home to help you provide you with physical support for activities of daily living. This can be at the time of your choice. Our scheduled visit starts from 1 hour or more per visit- we do not want to rush you and will take the time to have a friendly conversation or help set the day for you. If you require personal care assistance in the evenings to help you prepare for bed, we will be available to assist you including doing an overnight stay or even 24 hours if you need more support. We also provide a live-in service where our caregiver will move in with you as a companion and home help.

Complimentary Services

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services. Please see below for some of the services that we provide:

Home Help

We aim to provide home healthcare in all its forms, not only personal individual care but we also endeavour to ensure our clients are helped around the house with their own specific and daily needs.

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Live-In Care

We believe that our loved ones deserve to live in the comfort of their own homes. They can be lonely and needing the reassurance of a companion or when they become frail and unable to maintain with activities of daily living. We are here to discuss with you what we can do to help.

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Bespoke Care

We understand every person is different, therefore we believe that there is no blanket ‘care’ model. We aim to provide care to the needs of the client. Please let us know what your needs are so that we can tailor a plan just for you, one that will ensure your specific requirements are met!

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Companionship, especially at older ages, is extremely important. Our carers aim to be more than just a carer, we are someone you can talk, laugh, joke with... someone to create great memories with. We are here for you!

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