Daily Outings

We believe our clients should be able to maintain or regain their independence with social interaction with their family and friends; to keep fit and boost self-esteem and improve mental well-being and be involve with the wider community. This is an opportunity to do outside activities, thus maintaining your independence, interests, and links.

Our caregiver will be on hand to make sure that you are safe, have a friendly companion and be involve in activities of your choice. And we will endeavour to find like minded caregiver with shared interest for you in these activities.

Examples of daily outings where most of our clients enjoys are:

These are just some of the outings that we can do, the list is not exhaustive, and we can tailor an outing according to your wishes. Even going on a holiday with you to your favourite destination.

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services. Please see below for some of the services that we provide:

Home Help

We aim to provide home healthcare in all its forms, not only personal individual care but we also endeavour to ensure our clients are helped around the house with their own specific and daily needs.

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Live-In Care

We believe that our loved ones deserve to live in the comfort of their own homes. They can be lonely and needing the reassurance of a companion or when they become frail and unable to maintain with activities of daily living. We are here to discuss with you what we can do to help.

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Bespoke Care

We understand every person is different, therefore we believe that there is no blanket ‘care’ model. We aim to provide care to the needs of the client. Please let us know what your needs are so that we can tailor a plan just for you, one that will ensure your specific requirements are met!

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Companionship, especially at older ages, is extremely important. Our carers aim to be more than just a carer, we are someone you can talk, laugh, joke with... someone to create great memories with. We are here for you!

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